Thursday, 3 May 2012

Because I have been a little bit poorly, and because I had an op a fortnight ago, I have fallen behind on my studies. My operation was a bit of a non-starter. They didn't find what they expected to find, but they haven't told me anything else. And now the same old pain that caused me to seek medical advice in the first place is back :-/

The car's in the garage (my husband had to take the girls to school on the bus this morning at 7.30!) and we're supposed to be using our trailer tent for the first time tomorrow. Although I've made a list of everything, I'm not up to packing. My husband, bless him, has valiantly taken on the task of earning a living, looking after the children and doing most of the housework. It's an impossible task, but he's still my hero ;-) 

So we have a messy house and I have about two months worth of Maths to learn in less than a week. The deadline for this assignment is Wednesday. All assignment scores count towards your final result, so I can't not do it. And anyway, if I don't learn this stuff I will fail the final two assignments, which are to test your knowledge of the whole course. I've managed to do the first 10 of 24 questions, which is not bad, but now I'm stuck. I'm also disappointed because I had been getting really good grades and the idea of not heading towards a first dents my ego. Maybe it needed to be dented, but I still want to pass. It would mean so much to me, after all these years.

Statistics, data distribution, lower quartiles, upper quartiles, etc., etc., here I come!

And the saddest thing is that I actually find Mathematics entertaining. Like a dog with a bone.

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